A committed organic company for over 25 years

1986 : Gérard Le Goff bought a farm in Domagné (in Brittany), where he began growing cereals organically.

1989 : Gérard Le Goff began selling 500g packets of organic Muesli, baked in his wood oven, at markets around Rennes and in the first organic shops.

1991 : Grillon d’Or was founded and the company moved to small premises… Find out more about the history of Grillon d'Or.

2000 : Grillon d’Or is now called Céréco, and is on the move once more, from the original site in Domagné to the La Fontenelle small business park.

2004 : Development of extruded products (crunchy cereals in the shape of balls and shells, etc.). Find out more on our "Our expertise" page.

2008 : Initial 2,700m² eco-built extension. Following this expansion, Gérard Le Goff was rewarded for his commitment in February 2009, when he was awarded the regional Oscar for sustainable development.

2011 : Another expansion on the Domagné site, eco-built once again. Total surface area now reached 9,400m².

2013 : Launch of the new family-size Ki'Kroc muesli and crispbread range.

2014 : Renewal of the Krounchy® range.

2015 : New 1,900m² dispatch department extension. Still full of ideas, the adventure continues.

Photovoltaic electricity generation Wood and hemp insulation
2015 expansion