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Thanks to a complete and effective chain of production, we control
the manufacturing process of all our products from A to Z.
Cleaning seeds
  Cleaning seeds
Our cereals are carefully selected from farmers we have worked with for many years. After this step, the seeds are meticulously cleaned to remove all impurities that could lower the quality of our products (weeds, grit, chaff, etc.). The wholegrain seeds are then ready to be transformed.
First, the seeds are pre-cooked under steam pressure to make them softer and allow the nutrients to be more easily absorbed. They then pass between two rollers before being lightly roasted in an oven, then cooled. At this stage, the seeds are now flakes, ready to be eaten.
Flaky Muesli
3  Flaky Muesli
Once the flakes are ready, we mix them with all kinds of delicious ingredients including dried fruit, almonds, hazelnuts, forest fruit and chocolate chips. This simple and tasty combination is what we call Flaky Muesli.
Crunchy Muesli
Crunchy Muesli
4  Crunchy Muesli
Our Krounchy range features delicious recipes with clusters of crunchy cereals. To create these clusters, we very slowly oven-cook a mixture of cereals, coated in syrup. When cooked, the product turns golden in colour and forms a big block of cereals. This is then broken up into clusters. We finally add a mixture of other ingredients to finish off the recipe.
5   Milling
Once cleaned, the cereals can be ground into flour. This is the basic ingredient for manufacturing biscuits, extruded products and flakes.
Rolling and Cooking
6   Rolling and Cooking
As part of this traditional flake manufacturing process, the cereal seeds are steam-cooked for around 1 hour. After standing to cool, they are flattened between the mill’s two rollers. Finally, after toasting, the flakes acquire their distinctive shape and crunchiness.
Extrusion / Co-extrusion
Extrusion / Co-extrusion
Flour is mixed with water to make a paste. The paste then goes into the extruder, where it is heat treated, mechanically processed and cooked under pressure. After leaving the extruder, the paste is squeezed through a nozzle that gives it its final shape (flakes, balls, hoops, etc.).
Co-extrusion consists of filling an extruded product during manufacture. This technique enables us to make our delicious filled Ka’ré.
Flakes can also be manufactured by extrusion. The cereal flour is pre-cooked in the extruder. The resulting product is flattened in the flaking mill, then dried in the oven, producing delicious, crunchy, golden flakes.
9  Puffing
After cleaning, the cereals are heated to a high temperature until they explode. This is the process that we use for our delicious popcorn.
Rice cakes
10  Rice cakes
The cereal grains are fed into a mould in the shape of our cakes. The mould is then subjected to high temperature and pressure, causing the cereal grains to explode, making our delicious puffed cakes.
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