Our sustainable development charter


The strategic framework

Founded in the early 1990’s, 100%-organic family business CERECO, has been making breakfast cereals at Domagné near Rennes, in Brittany, for 25 years. In 2009, it acquired ELCEA, a cereal processing plant, close to its suppliers in Poitou Charente; in 2010, it bought out a biscuit-makers in Normandy.

Specialising in cereals, the CERECO produces a wide range of high quality, healthy, tasty, gourmet products, that are especially well-adapted to “ healthy ” diets; our main products are the following:

- Cereals and cereal flakes
- Breakfast cereals including mueslis, crunchy mueslis, children’s cereals and corn flakes
- Rice cakes
- Crispbreads
- Biscuits and snacks

Promoting strong ecological and environmental values since it was established, Céréco represents the values embodied by founder and CEO Gérard Le Goff, former farmer and long-standing organic activist. This has understandably forged strong local ties and a close, trusting relationship with the organic farming world.

CERECO also supports social and societal values, which are clearly reflected in how it does business.


Our values…

Sharing the value created on our land… We have always followed a policy of close ties and mutual support with our producers. We work with local, groupings of 100%-organic producers and processors, who provide us with cereals and other produce from the land.


What does this mean in real terms? or example, we make a three-year commitment to them on annual prices and volumes, guaranteeing a fair return to the farmers.

Through these partnerships, we contribute to the development of French organic farming and the protection of certain cereal varieties. We support the growth of crops that are often overlooked by conventional agriculture, such as oats, rye, spelt and buckwheat.


A guaranteed healthy, balanced diet for consumers…. thanks to the right top-quality raw materials. But it’s also a gourmet diet that is a pleasure to eat.


Not forgetting…healthy products (gluten-free range, fibre-rich mueslis, etc.), larger family-size and bulk packs to suit all needs, as well as gourmet products (crunchy mueslis) for the whole family.

Strong ecological and environmental values… embodied by a site consistent with group policy and by choosing to develop family-size and bulk ranges. Through optimising manufacturing processes and choosing sensible packaging, we are working to reduce our impact on the production of organic and inorganic waste.


At the group’s flagship facility in Domagné, we have designed an environmentally-responsible building: eco-construction insulation materials (wood cladding and frame, hemp insulation, lime render, brick walls), installation of 1,360m² of photovoltaic panels on the roof: we are helping to develop green energy through solar generation.


Societal values… through contributing to the support and development of employment in our area, through recruiting locally, choosing local suppliers and finally, through forging strong partnerships.


25 jobs were saved at their original workplace, when CERECO took over troubled biscuit manufacturer ROUGER, based in the Cotentin area of Normandy. Thanks to development of the business, there are now 40 employees.


We also get involved with our stakeholders’ projects, contributing, sometimes financially, to schemes run by producers and employees, for example, we co-funded an organic cereal storage silo in Poitou Charente with our partner producers. We also contributed financially to support the start-up of an organic shop by one of our former staff.


Human values are at the heart of the company’s concerns… by listening to customers and the needs of consumers, by being independent and involving our staff as a key to success, by respecting the work/life balance, by ensuring equality between men and women employees and by equal access to strategic and executive positions. CERECO is a flexible, people-oriented organisation, with staff whose involvement gives them a real sense of belonging.


Loyalty to the company, as demonstrated by the increasing length of service of our employees, even though staff numbers are expanding.

Management equality between men and women!


haring value and values with staff… through sound and balanced management of the company, management whose main objective is thoughtful development, able to ensure long-term jobs and the investment required to improve working conditions and increase customer satisfaction.


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